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The Outlast Trials Review


Harper Wilson

Diving into the Chilling World of The Outlast Trials

Prepare to enter an unsettling reality that combines survival horror and a mysterious Cold War experiment in The Outlast Trials, developed and published by Canadian company Red Barrels. As a standalone entry in the famed Outlast series, The Outlast Trials breaks free from its predecessors while still retaining the spine-chilling essence that fans have grown to love.

Launched on May 18, 2023, as an Early Access game, this first-person thriller can be conquered alone or with up to four players, thanks to its cooperative multiplayer support. Venture forth into The Outlast Trials with four distinct character classes and their accompanying skill trees, which allow for unique abilities ranging from x-ray vision through walls to healing comrades or planting mines. Players must navigate harrowing quests while eluding relentless enemies in this pulse-pounding horror experience.

An Innovative Experience with Room for Improvement

The Outlast Trials showcases its groundbreaking mechanics by introducing cooperative multiplayer gameplay within the series, granting horror enthusiasts the chance to work together as they face eerie challenges. However, it's essential to note that implementing this feature may yield inconsistent results when it comes to pairing suitable teammates, potentially impacting overall enjoyment. While the game offers players a choice between four diverse character classes and skills designed for strategic gameplay, some gamers may perceive these options as limited, craving more varied and robust customization possibilities.

Additionally, since The Outlast Trials is currently available as an Early Access game, players must be prepared for potential bugs or stability issues that could temporarily hinder overall performance. Though these flaws are expected during the Early Access phases and often rectified before the official release, prospective gamers should be cognizant of these potential roadblocks.

User Impressions & Unforgettable Memories

Despite its minor shortcomings, The Outlast Trials has captured the hearts of fans with its trademark sense of terror and strategic gameplay rooted in immersive cooperative multiplayer action. Players appreciate the choice between different character classes and various skills that contribute to unique playstyles and smarter combat experiences. However, some users have expressed frustrations when encountering uneven team coordination or less-than-stellar matchmaking algorithms. Others voice the desire for expanded character classes and skills to create an even more robust gaming experience.

To summarize, The Outlast Trials delivers a harrowing journey that invites players to experience a Cold War reality imbued with mystery and dread. As they navigate this terrifying world, gamers revel in both solo and multiplayer modes while cautioning potential newcomers about slight drawbacks during its Early Access phase.


- Engaging cooperative multiplayer option;
- Four distinctive character classes and skill trees;
- Suspenseful atmosphere;
- Tense survival horror experience;


- Potential matchmaking complications;
- Limited character customization options;
- Bugs or stability issues within Early Access;



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