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Microsoft Outlook Review


Mia Anderson

Microsoft Outlook is an email client integrated into any product of this developer. It is simple to use and allows collaborating with other users working on the same project together, being located all over the world. You will send and receive emails without effort.

Genuinely useful

The app provides a lot of benefits for those who send and receive emails frequently. You can count on the unlimited storage and efficient inbox organizational options. This tool is integrated with SkyDrive. There is a ribbon menu where you will easily find all features you need. Even if you think it to be a little bit cluttered, you'll appreciate its convenience when you get used to the layout. By the way, the menu can be hidden. This email program comes with numerous filters, due dates, flags, smart searches, out-of-office replies, scheduled sending, and much more in addition. The developer has updated the app applying artificial intelligence, which is able to sort emails into inboxes and perform other tasks like automatic meeting scheduling. As you can judge by this Microsoft Outlook review, the app will meet the strictest requirements.

Cluttered but well-arranged

The app is wrapped up in a user-friendly interface with simple navigation. If you think there are too many elements on the screen at a time, you can hide them and show again immediately, making just a couple of taps. There is a menu bar where you can activate the "Tell me what you want to do" option, and you will get a quite accurate prompting.

Suiting anything

This packed with features product can be used on any smartphone or laptop with any operating system. The requirements depend on the device. There is Outlook on the web too. This is the most powerful solution for desktops. All its versions include AI-inspired touches enhancing user experience.

Powerful email client

There are so many ways to display emails, and Outlook provides you with all of them, probably. It allows you to view your email in many ways and have full control over the way your messages are arranged. This is a fast and reliable tool, though it delivers too many options making emailing more complicated than a user may need.


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