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SwiftKey Keyboard Review


Harper Wilson

Microsoft SwiftKey is a mobile keyboard application with an accurate auto-correcting and quite precise predicting of words, which is made in accordance with the user's history. The more you use it, the sooner the keyboard gets personalized. The app is really smart, that is why it is highly recommended.

Intelligent application

The app is able to learn from the writing style of a user and predict a word you are going to type. There is access to SwiftKey Cloud, where the information about your language with all details is accumulated by the artificial intellect. Moreover, it takes information from the language you use to write posts and comments on other resources like Facebook or Twitter. This option is available if you link those resources. Your language profile will be developed endlessly so that the app will be able to meet your requirements without failures. The keyboard can be customized. Here you can benefit from a bilingual typing feature. If you have read this SwiftKey review, you should feel that this app solves your problems. It is true. And by the way, the developer guarantees proper protection of the data stored in SwiftKey Cloud.

Traditional design

The app is quite usual with a keyboard and clear surroundings. The design is simple and can be varied with Dark and Light themes bringing more comfort depending on the lighting. The app allows several methods of typing: swiping and tapping. The former one is very efficient. Also, there is a GIF keyboard. Enjoy a huge collection of designs and colors to apply them to your text.

Use it on any smartphone

This app is compatible with all existing platforms. Ensure that it meets the requirements of a particular device. In any case, it is easy to use due to its extremely efficient predicting system remembering your speech patterns.

Forget typo mistakes

SwiftKey is a reliable, popular keyboard that does not give unnecessary suggestions. It is able to predict the words you start typing in a reasonable manner. You can install it even if there is a preinstalled software of lower quality and enjoy the perfect implementation. The only reason to think twice before you download it is the fact that the app gathers information about its users, which it can find visiting various social networks to learn your language.


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