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Adobe Acrobat Reader Review


Mia Anderson

Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator, is a convenient PDF processor by Adobe. It originated as a PC app that conquered the market due to convenient options and perfect performance. It lets you view, edit, and create perfectly looking files with an unlimited number of pages, then export and share them. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator, visit the App Store on iOS devices or Google Play on Android. The version for Windows and MacOS is available on the official website. 

Convenient Reading

The Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator app includes the broadest range of free tools for dealing with PDF documents. It lets you open digital books of any size in seconds and jump between original-sized pages by entering the number in the page box or scrolling them in the previewer. If you like web-like scrolling while reading, you can switch between the page-by-page and ongoing viewing modes. 

Mark & Note

It’s a pleasure to highlight stuff with Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can add editable notes as overlays and draw links with your finger to make learning more engaging. Besides, you can select chunks of text or images, add markups, and comment on particular places. It’s both useful for personal notes and comments for cooperatively edited files. All comments are displayed on a separate list so that you can review and reply to them one by one. 

From Paper to Screen

If you have the Adobe Scan or any other camera scanner that exports files in PDF, you can import them to Adobe Acrobat Reader in a few taps. After that, you can send them directly to printing, edit, or store in any cloud storage you like. There’s robust proprietary cloud storage, Document Cloud, that’s quite enough for student’s basic needs. Unfortunately, many exporting and editing features are paid. The good thing is that you can choose from 10 modules with specific features or a full-access plan at a discount. 

Simply The Best

It’s easy to complain about Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator paid features, and complicated setup, but it remains the best PDF solution on the market ever. Start using it for free and buy modules as and when necessary. 


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