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Microsoft Word Review


Harper Wilson

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor that is known by everybody involved in office activities. Using this mobile app is easy regardless of a tiny screen. You can apply the common Word functions by tapping an arrow displayed at the bottom. They include document, text, and paragraph formatting.

All for remote collaboration

The app is developed to view and edit documents on the go using any mobile device. It is easy to open files of various formats, perform changes, leave comments in a document, and allow other users to edit or read it. There are all the basic options you count to find here. There are various fonts and formatting tools. As usual, you can edit a chart, zoom in a text which you are reading, create a new doc, save it in a chosen folder, grant permission to view it, or deny access. Here you can even work on a PDF file and convert it to the Word format and vice versa. This Microsoft Word review does not include all possibilities the app delivers, but it gives an idea of its functionality, which is quite rich even compared with a desktop version.


The user interface is intuitive, that is why navigation is simple. The app shows the previous documents and the latest files saved on the OneDrive account. The clear layout suits a mobile format. You can benefit from the icons for quick access or use the menu for more features. Almost all actions are performed with tapping.

Made familiar by experience

You'll appreciate almost instant launching and simply changing the windows with a single tap. The app looks like its desktop version, and if you have ever used this software before, you will not be confused a bit with its mobile analogue. There are a lot of options allowing you to edit a text as you like. You will find all the tools in the menu.

You need it

Microsoft Word for mobile devices comes with almost all Office features and can be applied for collaboration with other users. This all-in-one product suits most mobile operating systems being completely free in the restricted functionality. It properly represents a document with various elements like charts and offers. There is OneDrive cloud storage, so you can have more spare space on your smartphone.


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