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ZOOM Cloud Meetings Review


Harper Wilson

Zoom is an easy-to-use platform allowing online meetings, group messaging, and cloud video conferencing. You can use it on your mobile device with a full package of features communicating with up to 100 people located all over the world. To get the most out of it, you are recommended to buy the paid plans.

Useful business-oriented features

In this Zoom review, I am going to give you a comprehensive idea of its functionality without going into details as far as the app delivers plenty of features helpful for business. Zoom provides you with clear videos, cloud recording, and much more. If you have any questions, you can reach 24/7 online support.

There are some concerns about security, but these issues improve, thus the app can be considered as a top video conferencing solution at the current moment. You need a stable Internet connection to prove it. It is easy to initiate the online event and invite any user of this app to join it. Just tap on the "Host a Meeting" and select participants from the list. Also, you can use a phone number and email to invite a person to participate. You can see all people involved in a conference and stay unseen and unheard turning off your camera and mic. There are several packages, including a free one, which allows holding meetings only for 40 minutes. If you buy the app, you will get more options and an unrestricted duration time.

Perfect look

The app is well designed. It can boast of a user-friendly uncluttered interface. It suits the mobile format perfectly, displaying every detail on the screen. Any user will cope with its functionality. Almost any action can be done with tapping.

Compatible with any device

Holding private and online group meetings, video conferences, and participating in group messaging, you can use any mobile device with the latest versions of any operating systems. Ensure that your Internet connection is stable and reliable, and try this tool: send audio, video files, photos, and texts, share screen, benefit from a safe driving mode.

Quite efficient

Downloading this highly tailored product, you can save time and money. Zoom is very popular, and there are reasons for this popularity, including its fail-free operation and rich functionality suiting business and private needs. You can prefer its free plan with plenty of features, but if you want more options, including an admin dashboard to arrange meetings, you should pay a cost per host.


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