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Minecraft Review


Harper Wilson

Minecraft game is developed in a sandbox genre, bringing a lot of fun. Here you will be entertained with numerous missions, but your key objective is to build your own world. This mobile version, being available with all updates, is a perfect title to play on the go. There are additional modes: a multiplayer and a solo mode, which are addictive in equal measures. You can play it together with users of PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Android, iOS.

All you'd want to get from the genre, 5/5

The gameplay is diverse and rather deep. There are several modes. Choosing the Survival mode, you will perform your missions under quite difficult conditions. Here you will build during the day, and you will be involved in battles with monsters and enemies appearing at night. Still, fighting is not a key activity in this game.

If you prefer the Creative mode, you will have no limits. You are suggested to use the building materials in the form of cubes of various sizes and colors to build your own world. These LEGO blocks allow you to create anything you want, including the sky and grass. There is an extended map. You should explore it, find, mine, and pick up different resources you need to continue. There are diamonds, gold, and others, which can be used to craft the things you need to build the constructions.

 As I am trying to tell you in the Minecraft review, the replayability of this game is very strong. You will enjoy a randomly generated map, which will bring additional areas to explore.

Unique design, 5/5

The game has its unique design loved by users. The graphics are cartoonish, bright, and colorful. There are a lot of details of the world around which make playing even more engrossing. Enjoy reflections and shadows, making things very natural. You should be ready for some mild violence and inappropriate content, but there are no severe battles with blood.

Solid performance

This pocket edition is developed for mobile devices, but regardless of a small display, you will find almost all features which are available in a desktop version of the game. I'd say that building mechanics are even better in this version.

Very emerging game

The game involves as soon as you launch it. Being packed with plenty of missions, activities, and objectives, it invites you to create the whole world as you like and as you are able to imagine. Do not forget that you will communicate with other players, and that will help you to develop social skills.


  • Adventure