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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review


Harper Wilson

Fall Guys game is a perfect multiplayer where you can play online together with up to 60 other players. This is a chaotic environment with fighting until the only man survives. The Battle Royal genre is well performed here. Its peculiarity is simple gameplay. The cute visuals will make you have a lot of fun. Since its release date in the summer of 2020, the title has become very popular. It is intended for Microsoft Windows and PS4.

Spend your spare time merrily, 5/5

This is a cute party game rich in quite interesting challenges and breathtaking missions. Do not relax when you feel it is too kiddy at the beginning, just continue, and you'll see there are tasks which are difficult to complete. You will not get bored for sure. The key activity here is rushing along the course, overcoming obstacles, and trying to stay afloat as far as other players will try to push you off the road. There are several levels with several rounds selected randomly. Each of them is played with other players, a number of which is restricted. They will leave the game as the mistakes are made. All players can jump, dive, run, do anything allowed to be the first. You will have to break through the walls, fight against huge pieces of fruit, and do other things. Probably, the most difficult level is the Block Party, where all participants will pass through tiny gaps together competing with each other. As you can judge by this Fall Guys review, the game is worthy but not too serious.

Shining bright, 5/5

The graphics are simple, and the visuals are merry, bright, and cute. There are various animated characters designed in a generic manner but looking nice. The game does not require the strong performances of the game. Even the minimum system requirements will be satisfactory.

Controls are easy to apply

The controls are comprehensive and simple. You can easily avoid enemies if you have a good response speed.

Minigames, tournaments, and plenty of challenges

Join daily Fall Guys tournaments, play against other players, and with your friends or random teammates. Enjoy the incredible experience and diverse levels of various difficulties. Here the races are involving and challenging. If there is a need, you can knock your opponents sideways. Remember, the end justifies the means. Completion of the events and tasks will bring the in-game currency allowing you to customize a character.


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