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Harper Wilson

For fans of Dragon Ball, the Kakarot announcement has become a real gift and a dream come true. They are glad to have an ability to visit familiar locations, fly at high speed from one end of the map to another, meet dozens of familiar characters, and find numerous references. The famous anime based games never were so epic before. At the same time, Kakarot is perfect for a completely new audience, which does not want to spend precious time watching many episodes.

Gameplay 5/5

The developers did not cheat when they said that even beginners could enjoy Kakarot. The plot is presented as clearly as possible and does not seem to be a set of fragments somehow connected. 

You'll see how the main character Son Goku and his friends, are fighting against threats from outer space. The game includes two chapters, each dedicated to a specific story arch of the original plot. 

Sometimes creators get by with text descriptions without showing something in the commercials, but this rarely happens and usually concerns minor events. There is always a brief explanation of what is happening on the loading screens. Due to this fact, there won't be a lot of questions. 

Fights are wildly spectacular and destructive. As you clash with the enemy, the obstacles crack or even break, the earth burns out from various super blows, and some of them leave entirely huge craters. And of course, you can effectively end the battle by sending your enemy into outer space. 

Graphics 4/5

The game looks very juicy, especially pleased with the work with color and the facial animation described above. The cutscenes are excellent: many moments were transferred as close as possible to the source, which makes the game look like a high-quality 3D anime (one of those rare cases when 3D is not inferior to 2D). Unfortunately, there's a fly in the ointment. You can see some textures are stretched, and this spoils the overall impression of the picture a little.

Replay Value 3/5

If you can survive the number of bugs in this game and manage with controls, you can undoubtedly play it again. Especially if you were not familiar with the original story before and only by the end of the first game understood what was happening.

Controls 3/5

There are some questions about the controls. If you fly with insane speed and have fun, then adjusting the height is not too convenient, since R1 is responsible for the ascent, and R2 - for the descent. You may feel confused in the buttons due to the unusual layout even after playing the game for about 15 hours. 


If you are a fan of Dragon Ball - this game is a must-have. If you are not, you can try and see. The plot adaptation is decent, and the picture is pleasant. If you know nothing about the world of the game, you can use the encyclopedia and find out any facts. One of the greatest gems of the game is its fightings. They are wild, fascinating, and furious. However, there is a range of bugs that are not critical, but they take in quantity.


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