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Grand Theft Auto V Review


Mia Anderson

Grand Theft Auto V game is made in an action-adventure genre. This is the sequel of the well-known franchise, which has been discussed since its release date. Here you meet the familiar characters and almost view a fascinating movie playing from a first-person and third-person perspective. There are diverse challenges to perform so that you can be sure not to get bored.

Game like a movie, 5/5

Three characters meet in a fictional city of Los Santos. You can choose a man to navigate: Trevor, Michael, or Franklin. It is allowed to switch between them when you are playing already as far as they are different and useful under various circumstances. Michael used to be a bank robber, but now he has been retired. Trevor is a street hustler, and Franklin is a psychopath with a bad temper. Regardless of such a criminal past and present, they are full of humane qualities, and the game comes with plenty of humor and details of life in general. They decide to rob a bank, but instead, they get in trouble with both police and other criminals. Be ready to be involved in a lot of activities while playing. The game allows developing your own content and sharing it with other players. You can refuse difficulties and try the mode where you will explore the map without any restrictions. In this Grand Theft Auto V review, I invite you to live some days of your life with those characters and enjoy the adventures they are engaged in.

Realistic design, 5/5

The title can boast of 3D graphics with perfect visuals, even if they are a little bit outdated. The details are properly viewed on the small screens of mobile devices. The lighting effects make the game spectacular. The world is made in a very realistic manner supporting the gameplay.

Easy to use

Playing this game requires some effort to master the controls, which are well-done. There is the instruction that will provide the needed information about them. Of course, this title looks better on a desktop, but if you do not compare it with the origin, you will definitely enjoy the perfect animation.

Full of adventures

This title is definitely one of the best in this genre, coming with a solid story, plenty of adventures, and subtle humor. You will play to the nice music, getting involved almost from the very beginning of the game. I highly recommend you try it.


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