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Fortnite Review


Mia Anderson

Fortnite game is a shooter with a gorgeous Battle Royale, which is easy to play. It is rich in side missions and complicated tasks allowing to get the most out of the survival genre. The severe battles and endless opportunities have attracted millions of players all over the world since its release date - July 21, 2017! It is available for users of mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems.

Accomplish a feat together with brave heroes, 5/5

Playing this game, you are expected to build and shoot exploring a picturesque island. There are enemies that will raid your location and try to kill you. If you choose the Battle Royal, you will be one of 100 players involved in severe fighting. If you feel up, you can go through the challenges alone, but I'd join a group of other players and continue fighting until the only man survives. You will pick up the weapons and health packs, raid the villages and complete a lot of various missions.

Still, you can refuse the Battle Royal and try the Survival and Creative modes. Moreover, every week you will get updates providing you with new challenges and features. I can confirm in this Fortnite review that you will get a thrilling experience playing this game.

Beautiful game, 5/5

The graphics are stunning here; even though this is a mobile title, everything is designed in a seamless manner. The game can boast of a rather high resolution and the diverse settings allowing you to adjust the performances to your needs. Also, you will appreciate the advanced building mechanics. Here you can erect complicated fortresses and constructions. You will play to the ear candy music, which can be turned off if you prefer silence.

Easy to navigate a character

As to controls, you should spend some time to master them, but while playing, you will definitely find them responsive and helpful.

Review Summary

The title is emerging, delivering a wide choice of various modes where you can play alone, together with four or two other players. Being developed in a shooter genre, it comes with a lot of various elements, deep gameplay, and smart challenges. Be ready to spend about 30 hours on completing the missions of a basic version.


  • Action
  • Adventure