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Google Calendar Review


Harper Wilson

Google Calendar is a free calendar app that is usually preinstalled on Android mobile devices supporting Google Services. It allows users to schedule daily plans. It is possible to design various views of a calendar, create several ones focused on different activities.

Advanced functionality

This app will help you to spend your time efficiently in accordance with your schedule without missing a thing due to the Reminder option. You can set several reminders with a specified time each to send a notification via email or on-screen to remind what should be done. Create a list with tasks you should perform, goals to achieve. You can send invitations to your contacts to attend some venues or join the event. The app is compatible with the calendars, which can be installed on your mobile device, meaning that you can transfer the important data without difficulty. It is possible to share the calendar with other users. If you want to add a new event, you should tap the plus sign displayed at the lower right corner and enter the required information in a suggested form. You can show and hide a calendar, change the settings, export the data to a PDF file, or make it printed. I can prove in this Google Calendar review that the app is worthy.

Well done

The app is designed in a monochrome style with color-coded accents on particular events. The months are separated with image banners. You will appreciate a sound layout with color contrast. In general, the design is flexible, being improved from time to time in accordance with the users' needs.

Lots of Benefits

The app can be installed on any mobile device without effort. It integrates with email clients and allows instant creating of the events mentioning the particular conditions. Enjoy the simple usage and numerous views of your schedule. The most popular one is an agenda view showing a list of events. But you are free to choose what you want.

Useful tool but there are cons

Google Calendar is a very convenient tool that is not unique but nice and available for free. Its compatibility with other apps makes it rather useful. Even if you feel it delivers too many options, which you'd never use, consider this app because of its rich functionality and reliability.


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