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Secret Neighbor Review


Mia Anderson

Secret Neighbor game is a kind of sequel of the well-known horror title Hello, Neighbor! Here you will do almost the same but together with your friends enjoying a multiplayer. Your key objective is to survive. The horror game is rich in complicated challenges and adventures. You can play it both on Android and iOS devices on the go.

Are you ready for your neighbor's new crazy tricks? 5/5

The key idea of this title is to get into the house where your Neighbor lives in order to find your friend who has disappeared recently. It is not as easy as it seems to be due to the numerous and advanced challenges you will have to perform. The key character will invite his six friends to join. They will do their best to compete with the smart artificial intellect and win. This time, the dwelling is different, containing the additional rooms and objects. You should explore each floor to find and unlock some special door. But the most interesting difference from the first release is the antagonist himself. He is one of your team, but you do not know him. Probably, you navigate that neighbor. Everything is possible here. He will prevent your team from succeeding. His task to capture you one after the next. You will have to solve puzzles and overcome various tricks to avoid getting trapped. Every member of your team has some particular ability, which should be applied at the right moment.

Demanding game, 4/5

The title is well designed, coming almost with the same visuals compared to the Hello Neighbor. I'd say in this Secret Neighbor review that the graphics are quite well-done, providing emotional stress. In addition, the music corresponds to the moment. There are settings allowing you to change the layout or other performances to adjust them to your preferences.

Easy to navigate

The controls are very simple. You should tap or swipe to make the characters perform various actions. It is allowed to apply a keyboard to navigate a character. In general, this title runs smoothly, but it requires a powerful mobile device if you want to get the most out of the performance.

Difficult to win

The plain story will let you understand the rules quickly, but the complicated challenges will make you playing for a long time. You are suggested to solve a lot of puzzles to find your friend trapped in the neighbor's house – the dwelling where a dangerous man crazy like a fox lives.


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