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Hello Neighbor Review


Harper Wilson

Hello Neighbor game is developed in a horror stealth genre delivering strained situations inside a basement where a protagonist will have to survive all the time. Since its release date on December 8, 2017 the title with its updates has been hotly discussed by players and experts. The opinions vary. Form your own judgment playing it right now.

Competition with artificial intellect, 4/5

Well, I'm not going to insist that it is impossible to win here, but the tasks really require endurance and persistence. You will navigate a boy investigating some strange story connected with his neighbor, Mr.Peterson. Something strange is happening in his house; that is why your character will do his best to penetrate into the dwelling and reveal a secret. The basement is an ordinary house where there are rooms with boxes, furniture, and a washing machine. But somewhere there is a secret door as you think and try to find it. There are several levels coming with a larger house each, delivering more space to hide when you are inside being followed by the owner. The task is not easy to perform from the very beginning. You will compete with the powerful artificial intellect navigating that neighbor and learning from your every move. If you manage to succeed, you will win.

In this Hello Neighbor review, I have tried to describe a key idea of the title, but you will be suggested to cope with a range of challenges that are very complicated, and that can be irritating.

The well-designed but badly controlled game, 3/5

The graphics are simple but detailed. The environment is designed in bright colors during the day, and vice versa, it looks dark at half-light. The neighbor is a tall man wearing a mustache and behaving aggressively. His regular appearance still scares. And in addition, you will play while listening to various realistic sounds.

Solving puzzles on the go

The game can be downloaded and played on any mobile device. You can enjoy all levels without the need for a lot of memories or any other special performances. You should be patient trying again and again regardless of numerous failures. Here you get the unpolished controls. Also, the lack of instructions will make it difficult to understand the way you should interact with the environment. Well, I'd say that you can try the title, but be ready for the above drawbacks.

Difficulty that irritates and… motivates

The title will show you how illogical the puzzles can be. In this sense, the title can be interesting. But it comes with poor mechanics; as a result, you may be confused with the controls and fail to perform the tasks on the first try. And of course, the neighbor will not let you have an easy time. He is smart, being his step ahead of you.


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