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Jitsi Meet Review


Harper Wilson

Jitsi Meet is dedicated to communicating over a distance. This mobile application allows customizable video conferencing. It can be used for private but more often for business purposes. It is secure, scalable, and convenient.

Rich in features

Being a great open-source platform for video conferencing, it allows starting a video chat without having an account here. That is a very convenient option that does not restrict communication with different clients. Also, it comes as a VoIP and instant messenger. You can consider several packages with various features and limits. Choose the one suiting your needs and scale it when the circumstances require. You can be sure in confidentiality provided by lock-protected rooms for conferences. They are protected with a password, while the date you interchange with other participants of the conference is encrypted by default. In order to understand the offering of every plan, you should look at all packages through. In this Jitsi Meet review I'd only mention that you can communicate with an unlimited number of persons when you hold a conference, of course, if your server power allows.

Tile view and more

The app is easy to use. You will not find here a complicated menu with plenty of features. There are only three icons at the bottom. Every action is performed by tapping on those icons and buttons appearing on the screen when you communicate with people. The quality of audios and videos is very high, thanks to Opus and VP8 bringing clarity. And by the way, you can blur your background and delay it.

Incredibly easy

The app is compatible with all mobile devices and operating systems. You can communicate with a friend who has not downloaded the app as far as it can work directly within his browser. All you need to benefit from it is to get your conference URL and share it with others. Now you can start.

Real competitor

This app is an open-source alternative to Zoom, and that is a pointer at its powerful functionality. It competes with all other apps to providing quality messaging and video conferencing. You can use a video chat even if you do not have an account here. This is a worthy choice! Do you have Skype installed on your smartphone? Well, it's time to change things! You should try Jitsi Meet to compare.


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