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Friends vs Friends Review


Mia Anderson

In the world of online gaming, there's a new player on the block - Friends vs Friends. This exciting online Player versus Player (PVP) shooter is breaking new ground by combining card deck building with intense firefights. Players can choose their characters, build their own decks of abilities and weapons, and are thrust into a thrilling battle arena. Despite being relatively new, it has already gained considerable traction among both casual and hardcore gamers. 

Friends vs Friends: A Deep Dive Into The Game Mechanics

Friends vs Friends stands out from its competitors with its unique gameplay mechanics. At its core, it's an online shooter where players combat each other in an arena setting. However, what sets it apart is the incorporation of card deck building into the gameplay.

Before entering any match, players have to build a deck consisting of abilities and weapons for their chosen character. This adds an extra layer of strategy as players need to carefully consider their selections according to their preferred playstyle or character strengths.

While this concept is innovative and adds depth to the game, it also introduces a steep learning curve that might be daunting for beginner players. Understanding how different cards interact and complement each other requires time and experience.

Moreover, some users have reported minor technical issues that can disrupt gameplay. These include occasional lagging during matches and crashes during peak server times.

However, despite these drawbacks, most users agree that these issues are far outweighed by the engaging gameplay and social aspect provided by Friends vs Friends.

Players' Impressions & Final Verdict

Overall, user impressions of Friends vs Friends have been largely positive. Many players appreciate the strategic depth added by the deck-building aspect alongside fast-paced shooting action. Moreover, its social PvP mechanic promotes competition while also fostering camaraderie among friends.

However, some players note that while they enjoy the challenge presented by a steep learning curve, others find this off-putting, having to spend considerable time understanding game mechanics before they can truly compete.

Despite these minor setbacks though, most users find themselves continuously returning to battle in Friends vs Friends due to its unique blend of strategy and action not found in many current games in this genre.


- Engaging Gameplay; brings together strategic card-building with fast-paced PvP action;
- Unique Deck-Building Mechanic; adds depth to the gameplay;
- A wide array of abilities and weapons encouraging diverse playstyles;
- Social PvP Action; fosters competition between friends while promoting camaraderie;


- Some Minor Technical Issues; occasional lagging during matches and server crashes can disrupt gameplay;
- Steep Learning Curve; understanding all game mechanics can take considerable time, which might deter more casual gamers from fully enjoying what this game has to offer;


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