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Amazing Frog? Review


Harper Wilson

Amazing Frog? game is about parkour. The sandbox genre allows a user to play with minimal character limitations. Feel free and enjoy the adventures your Frog will be involved in. Your objective here is to increase your score and win your opponents as far as there is the co-op mode. Split the screen with a friend and go on. Since its release date, the title has received more than 90% of positive reviews, thus you are recommended to try it right now on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux platforms.

Addictive adventures, 5/5

You will navigate a funny green frog that is going to run across the virtual English town Swindon, interact with the environment. It is expected to complete different challenges and get points increasing the score. You should understand that this game does not deliver any special missions. There is no plot, either. It is a good simulation that can be used as a time killer for laughing and chilling. The game has been updated, and the latest version is much better than the initial one. You can count on numerous in-app purchases which contain various cosmetic, costumes to customize your character. As you see from this Amazing Frog? review, the game is not demanding but quite engrossing.

Nice but not perfect, 3/5

The graphics are simple but thought out with cute frogs and a rather diverse environment. Probably, the design is not expensive, and that is obvious, but it looks nice. As to audio, the sounding is diverse and relevant. You will play to a pleasant soundtrack and hear various realistic noises.

Explore the city with your frog

The title is developed for a new game console Ouya powered by Android. It is available for free, coming with in-app purchases, which do not impact your ability to increase your score, but they can extend the time you need to get more advantages.

Valid trial

The game is ridiculous but pretty being full of funny moments. It will make you smile and get stunning experiences. The gameplay is not deep, and the story is beyond the design basis, but there are diverse tasks to perform and enhance your score to compete with your opponent.


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