A Guide to the 5 Best Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Alternative Games

If you've been enjoying playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and are looking for something new, then you're in luck! We've put together this guide to the five best alternative games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. From quirky physics-based challenges to classic brawler games, there's a wealth of options available for those looking for something new. Whether you're after a game with a story or one that's just pure fun, these picks have it all. Keep reading to find out more about the top five alternatives to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout!

Human: Fall Flat – Quirky Physics-Based Challenges

Human: Fall Flat logo

Human: Fall Flat is an indie game developed by No Brakes Games in which players take on the role of Bob, a white-clad figure who must navigate through various puzzles and environments using nothing but his wits and some basic physics tools. The game features eight levels filled with obstacles such as cannons, bombs, lasers, and more. Players must use their creativity to solve puzzles and make their way through each level. The game features a unique art style and humorous animations that give it a lighthearted feel. Human: Fall Flat is perfect for those who enjoy quirky physics-based challenges and want something different from the usual platformer fare.

Gang Beasts – Classic Brawler Action

Gang Beasts logo

Gang Beasts is an online multiplayer party game developed by Boneloaf that pits up to 8 players against each other in chaotic brawls set within various arenas inspired by urban environments. The gameplay focuses on throwing punches and kicks while also utilizing environmental hazards present on each stage, such as conveyor belts, moving platforms, and more. Players can also pick up weapons such as baseball bats or even fire extinguishers to give themselves an edge over their opponents! Gang Beasts is full of hilarious moments that make it an enjoyable experience for anyone who enjoys classic brawler action with friends or family members. 

Moving Out – Fun With Friends

Moving Out logo

 Moving Out is a co-op simulation game developed by SMG Studio in which up to 4 players take on the role of movers tasked with packing up customers’ belongings and transporting them safely across town before time runs out! Players must work together in order to complete tasks quickly while avoiding obstacles such as angry customers or hazardous materials that could cause delays or damage to items being moved. Moving Out has charming graphics and a lighthearted tone that makes it great for families or groups of friends looking for something fun and cooperative so they can play together without having to worry about competition or complicated rulesets. 

TumbleSeed – Procedurally Generated Platforming Adventure

TumbleSeed logo

TumbleSeed is an indie puzzle platformer developed by Benedict Fritz et al. that has players taking control of a small seedling trying to overcome procedurally generated levels filled with treacherous obstacles while simultaneously growing stronger along the way until they reach their ultimate destination at the peak of Mt Arachnid. In order to progress through levels successfully, players must carefully roll their seedlings around platforms while avoiding enemies, pitfalls, spikes, and more! TumbleSeed has charming visuals combined with its unique gameplay style, making it perfect for those looking for something different from traditional platformers but still retaining some familiar elements from classic titles such as Super Mario Bros. 

TowerFall Ascension – Retro Throwback Shooter

TowerFall Ascension logo

TowerFall Ascension is a retro throwback 2D shooter developed by Matt Thorson in which up to 4 players face off against each other in intense archery duels within arenas filled with various hazards such as spikes, bombs, or moving platforms that can help players gain advantages over their opponents if used correctly! This frantic action title emphasizes skillful aiming over reflexes making it ideal for those wanting to challenge yet fair competition without having too many complex rules getting in the way of having fun with friends or family members! TowerFall Ascension has beautiful pixel art graphics combined with its tight controls giving it an old-school vibe that fans of classic shooters will appreciate greatly! 


So there you have it - our list of the five best alternative games like Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout! Each one offers something unique, so whether you're after tricky puzzle-solving experiences or riveting brawls amongst friends, there's definitely something here worth checking out! We hope this guide was helpful when deciding what your next gaming adventure should be - happy gaming, everyone!