Uncovering the Hidden Nessie Locations in Apex Legends Season 17

Apex Legends has always kept its players engaged with various easter eggs and hidden elements found throughout the game's universe. One such fan-favorite easter egg is the adorable Nessie plushies that can be discovered across different maps. In Season 17, these Nessie plushies have returned, and once again, it's time to embark on a treasure hunt to find them all! This guide will help you uncover all the hidden Nessie locations scattered throughout the Apex Legends Season 17 Firing Range. So gear up and get ready to explore!

1. Taking Aim at the First Nessie

The first Nessie can be found right where you spawn in the Firing Range. Look towards the firing targets, and you'll notice a little green friend hiding behind one of them. Take out your sniper rifle (preferably a Longbow or Triple Take) and get ready to shoot down your first target! But don't worry; they're just plushies after all.

2. Show Your Climbing Skills at Sniper's Ridge

The second location is at Sniper's Ridge, which can be seen from your spawn point. To reach this area, make sure you have a Pathfinder or Horizon character for climbing purposes as it's on an elevated platform. Once you arrive at Sniper's Ridge, look for a pile of rocks near one of the edges, and there lies another hidden Nessie waiting for you to find it.

3. The Cave Dweller

Next up is a little trip into a cave located on the left side of the Firing Range area when facing towards Sniper's Ridge from your spawn point. Enter the cave and keep moving forward until you encounter some human-shaped targets along with some supply crates. Amongst these crates, you'll find the third Nessie plushie waiting to be discovered.

The Cave Dweller

4. The High-Flying Nessie

The fourth hidden Nessie location tests your abilities to reach high places. Start by climbing up the tower located on the right side of the Firing Range area when facing towards Sniper's Ridge from your spawn point. Once you've reached the top, look for a zipline that connects to another tower nearby. Use this zipline and keep your eyes peeled for a little green friend sitting atop one of the tower's platforms.

5. A Watery Home

The fifth Nessie location takes you to a small body of water found at the base of Sniper's Ridge. Dive in and swim towards one of the rock formations near the water's edge, where you'll find another hidden Nessie plushie waiting for you underwater.

6. The Green Guardian

For this next hidden location, you'll need to head back to your spawn point at the Firing Range and look for a large green container with "Frontier" written on it. Climb onto this container and search around its edges until you spot another adorable Nessie plushie keeping watch over its territory.

7. High up on a Cliff

This final hidden Nessie location requires some traversal skills as it is perched high up on a cliff overlooking the Firing Range area. To reach this location, make your way towards Sniper's Ridge once again and carefully scale one of its sides until you reach an elevated platform overlooking most of the Firing Range below. Look out for a small rock formation on this platform where yet another hidden Nessie plushie awaits its lucky discoverer!

High up on a Cliff Apex Legends

8. The Sneaky Tunnel Resident

For this additional hidden Nessie location, make your way to the tunnel located opposite Sniper's Ridge. This tunnel has two entrances, so it doesn't matter which one you choose to enter. As you venture into the tunnel, keep an eye out for a small alcove on one of the walls. Hidden amongst the shadows, you'll find another adorable Nessie plushie trying its best to avoid detection.

9. The Master of Disguise

For this ninth hidden Nessie location, head over to the area with dummy targets that show damage numbers when shot. These dummies are scattered throughout the Firing Range and are meant for testing out different weapons and their damage output. Look closely at the base of one of these dummy targets, specifically the one positioned farthest to the left if you're facing them from your spawn point. Hidden among some shrubs, you'll find a camouflaged Nessie plushie blending in with its surroundings. With this nine and final Nessie discovered, you have now successfully uncovered all hidden Nessie locations in Apex Legends Season 17 Firing Range. Congratulations on completing your treasure hunt!