Modifiers to Increase Complicity of Hades Video Game

If you want to enjoy any roguelike, you should be skilled enough to complete the key mission and win the boss in the final. And here you will get the most precious bonus brining the new gameplay mechanics.

It is thus that the endgame of Hades video game allows you to modify the gameplay to get the most out of the title. 

What can be done?

The developers of most solid games provide the settings to customize complicity. The systems differ with various apps. If you have ever played such a supergiant as Transistor, you remember that it allows unlocking Limiters and using them to increase difficulty by providing the enemy with more reliable defense or restricting your character’s abilities. That affords an opportunity to earn more experience points.

Just in the same manner Hades delivers rather unique customization tools. In the Pact you get 15 modifiers which will not give experience points when you succeed completing a challenge. They enable you to earn rare resources and unlock the super upgrades. Moreover, you can earn the prizes (so called bounties) and use them profitably to win at the higher level.

What’s confusing?

The above system works efficiently, but you should be careful and avoid swallowing the bait. In order to earn the bounties, you should clear a run on a previous heat level. Let’s see! You cannot fail achieving the certain result, and out of this state expect to get the challenge making bounties accessible. First, you should escape hell at the previous stage and only then you will get a chance to earn the bounties from a run with a heat level of the next one. And so forth, you should complete the task at three before you earn the prize from four.

This moment causes some mess. As you understand, if we speak about weapons (when heat is also tied to them): In order to escape Hades with the heat on three, you use the spear. But you can prefer applying a different weapon, for instance, a sword to run it on four. That means that you have to start each weapon from a heat level of zero. Thus, you have to play the game five times without increasing difficulty to get irrepressible OCD and that is not too much fun.


The easiest ones (you can find this information on Hades game Reddit):

1.        Extreme Measures. If you turn it on, you will have to kill all Underworld bosses you meet though it is enough to kill one of them.

2.        Calisthenics Program. It becomes remarkable when you increase its level, otherwise you get a slight addition to your health bar (only 15%).

3.        Convenience Fee. You will add 40% to your store prices per level. I should admit this is a nice complementation, which should be considered while you are playing.

4.        Lasting Consequences. It is about how to heal in Hades game. If you turn this modifier on, you will restrict your healing by 25% per level.

The hardest ones:

1.        Jury Summons. You will have to fight 20 percent more enemies.

2.        Heightened Security. You are going to die (no other way) if you get trapped or fall into lava.

3.        Damage Control. It makes your enemy stronger.

To sum up

Try the Pact’s modifiers mentioned in this Hades game review to liven up the game. If you have the experience of this kind, please, leave your comments below.