How Should You Play Mount & Blade 2?

If you have ever played Mount and Blade Bannerlord with its stunning fictional medieval world, you agree that it has a lot of challenges to enjoy. There are complicated battles for political purpose, various objectives, plenty of ways to create a kingdom and manage it wisely.

If you are just going to start, we are ready to share expert insight telling you how you can achieve your goals and rule an empire with success and delight.

Mount and blade 2 tips

1.        There are three levels of difficulty, and we recommend starting with “Easy” mode. The next “Realistic” is much harder and requires solid consideration of the rules of a combat. Otherwise, you can die almost at once and feel frustrated. By the way, if you still insist and start off by playing the advanced levels, you should know that the complicity can be changed at any moment.

2.        The combat tutorial is a must. There’s no sense to play without reading the guide. You just cannot continue if you do not know weapons and the way they should be used.

3.        You should know the leaders of strong kingdoms located around. They are not equal. Look for those which can boast of prosperous economies or stronger militaries. Negotiate with them and offer the service they need in order to get what you want in return.

4.        You’d better play together with a companion. Just find the characters with particular abilities which can be useful in combat and under other circumstances. Do not hesitate to replace the fighters with more appropriate ones during the game.

5.        There are main quests in various Mount and Blade Bannerlord mods and you should not refuse them even if you are focused on several important tasks at a time. Every quest brings solid benefits allowing you to unlock useful things and develop your empire faster.

6.        There are side quests and in this case you can refuse some. You should choose those which are more valuable for you. Think whether your actions may spoil the things even if the task is performed. The consequences may spoil relationships with powerful leaders of other kingdoms, for instance.

7.        Apply an automatic mode when something happens unexpectedly and you are not ready. Press F6 and things will move in accordance with the situation.

8.        Manual saving should be as often as you need, because auto-saving feature is quite rare, thus you can lose your achievements if something goes wrong.

9.        Invest into workshops, refusing caravans because the latter are attackable due to their mobility. This is a better strategy when you are involved in the war.

10.    Do not relax. Your army should always be ready to engage in a battle. Spend resources to get the most experienced recruits, train your troops, and upgrade your weapons.

11.    Consider the speed you move around which depends on a number of horses you apply, weight of the load, a number of prisoners, and so on. It is important not to waste your time if you see that your speed does not allow you to catch your chased one.

12.    Use the appropriate weapons: bows when you battle at a large open areas aiming at your enemy from afar; lances allowing a one-hit kill; and shields to tank with it in a sword-to-sword combat.

13.    You will need archers badly. Of course, you can buy some close-combat fighters but archers are much more efficient. They will not let the enemy troops come near.

Follow the tips and win

If you consider the above recommendations for success in playing Mount and Blade multiplayer, it will be much easier to build and defend your empire in this game.

Please, let us know whether the tips are useful or if you have your own experience, share it with our readers.