Breath Of The Wild: How To Find & Upgrade The Barbarian Set Easily

Finding and upgrading the Barbarian Set in Breath of the Wild can be a challenging task. Fortunately, with this guide, you'll easily locate and upgrade the armor set. 

Step 1: Locate The Barbarian Helmet

Locate The Barbarian Helmet

The first step is to locate the Barbarian Helmet, which is located in a Shrine at the Lomei Labyrinth Island. This island can be found north of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab and requires Link to use his paraglider in order to reach it. Once he lands, he will find a monk offering him a trial which will grant him access to the Shrine where he can obtain both a Spirit Orb as well as loot containing the helmet itself. 

Step 2: Obtain The Travel Medallion (DLC Only) 

Obtain The Travel Medallion

If you have purchased or own Breath of the Wild’s Expansion Pass/DLC, then this next step is for you! Beneath Lomei Labyrinth Island lies another shrine containing a Travel Medallion that allows players quick access back home once placed in an area of their choice - making farming easier than ever before!

Step 3: Obtain & Upgrade The Barbarian Armor 

Obtain & Upgrade The Barbarian Armor

Now we move on to obtaining and upgrading your second piece of equipment -the Barbarian Armor! You’ll find this located within Gerudo Wasteland southeast of Gerudo Canyon Stable inside South Lomei Labyrinth. Navigate through it by either walking or climbing your way around it; however, keep an eye out for patches of malice that may damage Link if touched! After completing your journey through its corridors, activate its Shrine granting yourself both a Spirit Orb as well as loot containing said armor.

Step 4: Obtain & Upgrade Your Final Piece - Leg Wraps 

Obtain & Upgrade Your Final Piece

Last but not least comes finding and upgrading our final piece, Leg Wraps, located inside North Lomei Labyrinth southwest from Dueling Peaks Stable along Hyrule Field Road leading into Death Mountain Trail near Goron City. Like before, however, there’s Malice blocking our path, so we shoot down its eye using an arrow before continuing onwards towards our destination until reaching another Shrine granting us one last Spirit Orb along with loot containing said Leg Wraps giving us all three pieces required for unlocking their set bonus increasing attack power even further when worn together alongside additional bonuses such as reduced Stamina usage when performing charged attacks-perfect for fighting powerful monsters!

Step 5: Upgrading Your Pieces

Upgrading Your Pieces

With all three pieces now obtained time has come for upgrading them via Great Fairies found scattered across Hyrule at various locations requiring payment ranging from 100-10 000 rupees depending on how many fountains are visited, yet is still worth investing in since each level increases stats including defense power respectively -allowing players greater protection against powerful foes encountered during exploration plus increased ability strength also allowing us greater leeway when attempting otherwise difficult puzzles allowing us even more freedom exploring Hyrule world beyond!