WhatsApp Working on New Feature to Save Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow users to save disappearing messages. This tool will be released in early 2022 and provides an alternative way of saving messages from chats that were set up with the Disappearing Messages feature. The tool allows for quick access to saved messages, making it easier for users to find and review them later.

The new feature was first spotted being tested by some users around a year ago but has not yet been rolled out widely. It features two options - “Keep” and “Unkeep” - which can save or delete ephemeral sms, respectively. Once kept, this saved sms can easily be accessed again through a dedicated chat window within the app itself, removing the need for screenshots or other methods of saving conversations.

Saving disappearing messages may prove especially useful when discussing important topics such as business deals or contracts where both parties want proof of any agreements made and their conversation history intact. Additionally, it could also help people keep track of important reminders they sent themselves via private sms without having a fear of them being deleted before they get back to them.

In addition to offering this new option for storing disappearing message history, WhatsApp is also planning on implementing other improvements, including UI tweaks which should make navigation and usage more straightforward overall; these changes are expected sometime in the near future as well, so stay tuned!

All in all, WhatsApp's upcoming Keep Messages feature looks like an excellent solution for those who want an easy way of keeping track of their past online conversations without worrying about losing important information due to time-limited messaging settings such as Disappearing Messages mode's default setting - deleting all content after seven days automatically!