Retro Armored Core Series to Revive Classic Figures in 2024

The coming year, 2024, promises to be exciting for action game enthusiasts as the classic Armored Core boasts the introduction of classic figures from its series. The return of the biggest mechs from the franchise signifies a nostalgia-filled year for fans who can barely wait to reconnect with their favorite models.

Armored Core, a game known for its third-person shooter and RTS elements, debuted in 1997. Ever since it has evolved and immensely consumed fans with a fascinating world of large bipedal mechs, hitting the shelves four years from now will be the Kotobukiya-designed Armored Core figures, which have sent the gaming community into a frenzy of anticipation.

The two models set to be released are the line-up of fan-favorite mechs, White Glint and Nine Ball. The White Glint figure, famous for its appearance in "Armored Core: For Answer," will feature its signature combination of white and blue armor, while the Nine Ball from the original "Armored Core" will stun with its iconic red paint job.

While details regarding the price or global availability remain unconfirmed, there's no denying that these items will mark a nostalgic milestone. These replicas, adorned in their classic colors and carrying detailed designs, are expected to be must-haves for hardcore fans and collectors of the franchise.

Even though the gaming world waits with bated breath for more specifics on the launch, the thrill and excitement are palpable as fans prepare to welcome back classic elements of a series they cherish dearly. The introduction of retro Armored Core figures stands testimony to the enduring popularity of the series, promising a year of nostalgia and high-energy gaming in 2024.